End of the Semester

With the end of the semester upon me, the stress is beginning to lay in. The finals and papers and projects that I need to finish are through the roof. Now is the time for me to focus, for sure. this is the time when most people start to breakdown or even meltdown, but I wont let that happen to me. I need to focus now and get my work done, something that I am not used to!

So I need to end this post here, because I need to get back to my econ project. But watching the Syracuse basketball game last night gave me a lot of motivation…

“Dont give up…Dont ever give up..”

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Group Project

So we just handed in our project, and to be honest I think that our group did an awesome job. We worked pretty well together, and for the most part we all pulled our weight. I now have a strong respect for turntablists and for turntablism as much more than a way to simply create music. It felt reallllllly nice to be able to get the project done and out of the way. In a sense, I was incredibly grateful to be able to be the first group to present. This made the next week much less stressful, especially with all kinds of projects, tests, and papers coming up…this time of year is definitely getting stressful. Everyone used to tell me that college was stressful, and now I am understanding that first hand. We got a great grade on the Group Project, so that, again, was so relieving to get that out of the way!

I am very pleased to get the project done, and to look forward to the next task….

Even if the next task is not exactly…easy….

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First Post

So we have begun to dive into the world of oppression and resistance and what not, and I have already learned a lot more than I thought I would. Honestly, I thought the class would be a total drag, like who wants to learn about oppression and literacy? It didn’t seem like a very engaging topic to meĀ  at first, but once we started to get into the context of the class my opinion definitely changed. Yes, sometimes class seems to drag on into an abyss of never-ending boredom, but that’s school. Yes, sometimes the readings makes me want to light the 20 pages of printed paper on fire and laugh while they burn to a crisp…but I found that if I read the articles or novels or whatever they are with an open mind, I get a lot more out of the reading. If I have learned anything in the course, to this point, it is that I should read with an open mind. That is probably one of the most valuable lessons I could learn at school up to this point. So thanks Dr. Jacobs!

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Hi my name is Joe Feeney and I hope my professor sees this and knows that I made my blog!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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